North Country Golf Car - GENERATORS
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Yamaha Consumer Generators
Inverter EF2200iS
2200 watts, 15/18.3 amps @ 120v, Yamaha Smart Throttle, Quiet Technology and RV outlet designed with campers and RV enthusiasts in mind
Inverter EF3000iSE
220v-50hz 1-3kva, lightweight compact body, large wheels, designed for long continuous running
Inverter EF4500iSE
4500 watts 33.3/37.5 amps @ 120V. Power, efficiency, and quiet operation make this an RV owners ultimate accessory.
Inverter EF6300iSDE
6,300 watts 45.8/52.5 amps @ 120 volts. 120/240 volt. The most Pwerful Yamaha Inverter model.
5500 watts 36/44 amps @ 120 volts. 120/240 volt. Power and performance in a quiet, compact package.
7,200 watts 50.0/60.0 amps @ 120 volts 120/240 volt. Convenient, powerful, efficient for home or contractor use.

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