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Yamaha Consumer Generators
Inverter EF1000iS
1000 watts 7.5/8.3 amps @ 120V. The ultimate in lightweight, portable electricity - quiet, durable and convenient.
Inverter EF2000iSv2
2000 watts 13.3/16.7 amps @ 120V. The new, feature-packed, lightweight, portable inverter that meets the strictest environmental standards.
2200 watts, 15/18.3 amps @ 120v, Yamaha Smart Throttle, Quiet Technology and RV outlet designed with campers and RV enthusiasts in mind
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Inverter EF2400iSHC
2400 watts 16.7/20 amps @ 120V. Light weight and uses the latest technology to produce the highest output in its class.
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Inverter EF2800i
2800 watts 20.8/23.3 amps @ 120V. This quiet model with Smart Throttle adjusts engine speed to match current draw.
Inverter EF3000iS
3000 watts 23.3/25.0 amps @ 120V. Clean power, quiet, advanced features yet smartly priced.
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Inverter EF3000iSEB
3000 watts 23.3/25.0 amps @ 120V. Clean power, quiet, plus Yamaha boost make this the ultimate portable generator on wheels.
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Inverter EF4500iSE
4500 watts 33.3/37.5 amps @ 120V. Power, efficiency, and quiet operation make this an RV owners ultimate accessory.
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Inverter EF6300iSDE
6,300 watts 45.8/52.5 amps @ 120 volts. 120/240 volt. The most Pwerful Yamaha Inverter model.
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2600 watts 19/21.6 amps @ 120V. Plenty of power, quiet, 8.5 hours of continuous run time at rated load.
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5500 watts 36/44 amps @ 120 volts. 120/240 volt. Power and performance in a quiet, compact package.
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7,200 watts 50.0/60.0 amps @ 120 volts 120/240 volt. Convenient, powerful, efficient for home or contractor use.
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Water Pump YP20G
Rugged, reliable and powerful. Pumps 160 gallons per minute.
Water Pump YP30G
Rugged, reliable and powerful. Pumps 260 gallons per minute.
Yamaha PW3028 & 4040 Pressure Washers delivers 3000psi-4000psi @ 2.8gpm-4.0gpm to get the job done quickly. CAT pump, 30-50 foot steel braided hose, pivoting tip, 360 degree rotating grip/handle & folding handle
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